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hoodrich anthem heroes x villains torrent

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Not even in Characters did decisions that made sence, but i lost it when they did or said something completely out of character. Its ok. We have Movement in TLOU2 is little bit clunky, animation also. Dump AI with unlimited ammo and u find shells. Shooting is ok. Menu is good. Hyped mucho grande but failed like a kickflip in "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5". Without spoilers, I'll simply say that it is a shame to see what happened to one of Naughty Dog's most beloved characters.

As a PS fan, I side with the Xbox fans who also dislike the game. History forced to the limits, gameplay is boring and monotonous. The plot is bad and uninteresting. Only the graphics is good. Do not waste your money. This game tried to be so "inclusive" with the homosexual tendencies that lost the focus of the main history, to be honest i don't know what the hell did i played Look like a sloppy second game from a porn page. The story is just let down. When I saw abby murder Joel I expected to kill abby in the end.

Then Ellie just decided to let Joel's murderer go. Really spent 25 hours to not kill abby. The combat is alright. There is a lot of issues with the game. I literally smash someone's head onto a invisible wall. I just don't know anymore. Its embarrassing to character development to because I just don't see a point. I loved playing as Ellie.

It was fun exploring her life in Jackson and her relationship with Joel. Also her post life with Dina was amazing until it was not. I understand why they ended Joel, but the character should have not been Abby. Abby- Unlikeable. A Man? Her backstory was worthless and made me care even less for her. I still don't know if she is a man or a Woman. I think she is actually a woman Jury is still out. She can only bench pounds and she either took it in ass with no lube after a long day of fighting or she does have a Vag.

The Shamalama Ding Dong twist with Lev actually being a girl was They tricked everyone into calling Lev a "him" if you have a Vagina you are a female. If you have a Penis you are a male. Lev or real name Lilly is a girl. It is science. The gameplay was fun I beat it on survivor and was challenged. The ending was dumb. Abby probably ran off the Catalina Island to rejoin the fireflies. This is now a cash grab for Naughty Dog. There will more than likely be a TLOU3. My fan theory If Abby was different it could have been redeemable.

I wanted them all dead. I Still want Abby dead. If the first installment is about arrogance weighing the value of life, the sequel is about the cycle of revenge. Both are in harmony within the big theme of restoring humanity. But I don't know how many people can endure the arrogance of this sequel. It was a courageous ending to the moral dilemma when the first part said it was more important to save a single girl in front of the eyes If the first installment is about arrogance weighing the value of life, the sequel is about the cycle of revenge.

It was a courageous ending to the moral dilemma when the first part said it was more important to save a single girl in front of the eyes than the lives of millions of people who could be saved in the future. The sequel, however, doesn't make sense to everyone except some of the producers that revenge is circulating, so only the producers act as if they can purify the world with special aesthetics and moral judgment. With such an attitude, he insults, belies, ridicules, and preaches those who truly loved the main characters of the previous series.

To sum up, it's doctrinaire. This sequel crossed the line when producers forced Abby to steer and learn lessons. I put on a spoiler alert I this one but I'm not even gonna give out any spoilers cause this was so crap that it doesnt even need any spoilers for it to be ruined because it already is. The main problem of this game is the plot is sucks, it simply treats the lovers of Part 1 as garbage and the producers try to hide the issues by blaming you as an anti-LGBT player, what a joke.

If you liked the gameplay of the first one, you'll love this. Levels are much more open and it feels less artificial. The graphics are the best i've ever seen on a console. Many new likeable characters get introduced and we really get to know our favourites from part one, in good and in bad ways. The story isn't just a simple hero story.

Ellie and Joel don't just save the day. The story If you liked the gameplay of the first one, you'll love this. The story is more complex than just the hero getting betrayed like in Uncharted for example and then getting back up. People expected twists and turns in the story leading to a hero winning whatever they fought for.

Maybe this is why people don't like it. Maybe it's too real. This game puts you into a moral vice. I played through the game in about 20 hours, and I must say, this is a masterpiece to me. Apart from some pacing issues in the story, everything was an amazing experience.

The gameplay is a mayor upgrade from the first game, but still has the core of that game, so if you didn't like that gameplay then you probably won't enjoy the gameplay of the second game. The visuals are the best I've ever seen on PS4 and I couldn't stop using the photo mode every two seconds. The sound design is ofcourse also beautiful and makes the atmosphere even more immersive. The story also took a very different path than the first game.

Most people don't like way Joel's death was handled and the character Abby. I'm actually fine with the way Joel's death was done and his choices don't seem unrealistic to me. The different perspectives you play through during the story also make a lot of sense and show more of the theme of no clear bad guys or good guys. I liked Abby's character and playing as her also showed the "good" side of her. People are also unhappy with the ending but I really think it makes sense.

At the last moment Ellie comes to the realization of the cost of revenge and because of that she let's Abby go. That was her only way of finding peace with Joel's death and she realizes that. It has the same feeling as the first games ending and made me even more emotional.

Overall, this is a game I would definitely recommend. It is definitely not a game for everyone though. The story takes a way different route and certainly for fans with specific expectations, this may not be an enjoyable experience for them. Next to that, reading the leaks afterwards, I understand why the game would seem very bad.

But this is definitely my game of the year and it may even be one of my favourite games of all time, so it deserves a Gave me the same feeling of last season of Designated Survivor, completely biased gender relation agenda, feel sorry that a company like Naughty Dog went in this direction.

Visually, the game is one of the best ever created. When it comes to the story, it is really horrendous. Poor narration choices, bad character development. Very long story, a big part of which boring and repetitive and a disappointing ending. The gameplay is exactly the same as the first one. By itself it is a very mediocre game and when compared to the first game, it is overwhelmingly Visually, the game is one of the best ever created. By itself it is a very mediocre game and when compared to the first game, it is overwhelmingly disappointing.

The game graphics are goods but the story try so hard to be good it turn into a huge disappointment. I couldn't even finish it, they kill my favorite character then make me play as the killer. Trying so hard to finish the game so it worth the money i paid but i couldn't.

Just an improvement in every aspect over the first one. Brilliant story and really fun gameplay. Hskakdkakss jdkakfiaidis cjsjdjxsdddddddd ifisifisifisididid udiaifiaidiaidiadi … Expand. Game went woke and ruined the legacy of the first. If u think this game deserves any score lower than 10, ypu should never touch a controller ever again.

Story could have been better and player should have a choice to kill abby not fuking dev … Expand. I'm not entirely sure why this game is getting so much hate by the fan base to the point of "review bombing". It's extreme, to say the least. Disclaimer - I haven't finished the game yet so maybe the ending is what possibly set all this drama off. But I do know that even if the ending is terrible, I'm still having fun playing this game so far and I intend to finish it.

It is definitely not worth the lowest rating possible on every reviewing platform; although it is everyone's right to give whatever score they choose even if it is the lowest. I just hope that they are considering every aspect of the game and giving a fair, unbiased to others review bombing score. The original game is currently one of my favorite games of all time.

The story focused on two characters who weren't too sure of each other at first, but alongside the player, started "warming up" to each other and developing an unbreakable bond. Then we have the core of the story; a "zombie" apocalypse that is a bit of a twist.

Instead of the typical virus outbreak and hordes of relatively normal looking walking dead, the core story revolves around a fungus outbreak that acts extraordinarily different than the former. They aren't the typical walking dead, they're over-grown fungal covered and parasitically controlled monsters. Lastly, we have the gameplay. It's very similar to the Resident Evil series. Except less puzzlely, much more action and sudden events intensive, and more cut scenes between areas due to the heavily story-driven nature of the game.

All of which I love and make me prefer the game over the Resident Evil series. The sequel, as you would expect, overall improves on the basis of the previous game. Would I say it's better than the first game? No, obviously not. But it is generally difficult for any game to outshine the original. The first time you play something, you develop a first time experience that acts also as a bias, tilting the scales in its favor compared to the sequel s.

All I'm saying is that the first game's story was amazing and the second game's might not as amazing, but it is still decent at the very least. The gameplay is more fun than the first game's. The new attack dodging ability is really cool, I just think that it is a little too easy to dodge most enemies attacks.

I am playing the game on "SURVIVOR" mode which is the hardest difficulty that can be picked, unless there are harder ones unlocked after beating the game for the first time. That's a bit of an over exaggeration, there were points were I ran out of ammo and had to resort to stealth, but it made me feel like a badass fighter.

I also found that you can take an unhuman amount of bullets before dying. I was being shot like 4 - 5 times before running out of health which became felt way too easy on the hardest difficulty. In real life, you'd be lucky to survive one shot depending on the impact location. I think they should make it 1 shot then 2 shots with health upgrades on the hardest mode. They definitely should do some difficulty retweaking in terms of player damage.

Lastly, the stealth is a little too easy. They added a full prone feature so you can lie on your stomach and crawl. It's slow but it basically makes you invisible to enemies even if they are like 5 feet away. Combine that with the craftable silences, which by the way I always had one crafted, and you're easily a "skilled" assassin with next to no effort compared to typical stealth action. Some say the story is lacking; I agree that the story is definitely not as good compared to the original game's, but overall the game is good.

I'm probably gonna get a lot of hate for this review for holding an unpopular opinion; so be it. The game is fun for me and no one or group is going to deny that fact. If this game was zero fun, then I'd score it a 0 but that's not what I think and I'm standing by it. Imagine you have a favorite movie. A movie about a beautiful relationship being formed between Two people. Who grow from strangers to family in a masterfully written tale.

Now imagine that after 7 years you are given a sequel to that movie. You imagine the wonderful adventures these two will go on, and how much it will mean to you, especially now that the relationship is already formed. And you excitedly go sit down to watch the sequel, and as soon as you hit play, a strange jacked up woman beats the main character to death with a golf club and then the rest of the movie is about her love life. That is literally this game. Making me feel that I was missing something When my team is made up of a female bodybuilder, a physically handicapped woman, a transgender man, a lesbian couple, an interracial couple, a Jewish woman, many various minorities, and a pregnant woman I feel betrayed, and it is very sad because the actual gameplay is rather fun The ingredients are there for this to succeed tremendously.

As that would make you feel better. This game puts you in a position where you will set your controller down and say. I don't understand why people rate the game so low. It's not the best story. It's trying too many things and ends up missing thr mark a bit. Not as hard hitting as the first game. But as a standalone game and even as a sequel it's amazing work by the Dev's.

The mechanics are far ahead of any game, the graphics are next gen, the story is also good better than all the crappy stories other I don't understand why people rate the game so low. The mechanics are far ahead of any game, the graphics are next gen, the story is also good better than all the crappy stories other titles have.

People comparing it to the fist game are not going to satisfied in terms of story but everything else is top notch. The first game was a one in a lifetime experience, it cannot be repeated easily. Look at tlos2 as a normal game and compare its story to the other titles even first party titles.

Not as perfect as the first game. Got boggled by some plot holes. It moved where it needed to move and I can live with that. From a technical aspect, amazing. Really shows off what the current PlayStation generation can do.

As for all the hate, I don't understand how people still think this way. Too much toxic fandom. After the leak I was spoiled some story bits. I feel like the story from the first game is being disrespected by the decisions they make in this one. Is the story woke? Dina seems to be a terribly written character based on trailers. The story has way more to it. As opposed to actually making sense.

Her combat is somewhat realistic and we see her in pain at some moments in trailer - something Mary Sue characters tend to be lacking Captain Marvel or Ray from Star Wars, for example Graphics look fantastic. I love when graphics are done good. That said I played Uncharted 4 once and never opened it again.

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